Sunday, January 30, 2011

I'm Charming

Each time I post a new blog entry I walk away from my computer and a bunch of little things I wish I had included pop into my head. So i've started jotting down my thoughts as I walk around the city so I don't miss a beat.

I'm watching the Denmark vs. France handball championship right now with the fellow Tasingegade-ers in the common room. SO EXCITING!! Theyre in overtime, DANMARK is up 33-32. Oops, and France just scored. Tie game. It's a crazy game, so fun to watch, really fast paced and there's a lot of action. France scored again. 34-33, at the half of overtime. yikes. Some of the saves these goalies make are absurd, occasionally falling into splits to boot the ball in another direction. The goalie for Denmark is only 21. crazaaaay. Denmark scores! 34-34. France scores, 35-34. Aaaaand again, 38-34. damn. France wins. repeat world champions. Heavy hearts in this common room right now. wah wah

I didn't mention in the last entry, big jump #4. I got the idea from a little friend I like to call slam pooper. Miss Samantha Hooper suggested I start a charm bracelet, so I decided that I would collect charms from places I see and travel to over the course of this semester. So as of last weekend when I purchased a small copper coin with the image of a viking ship on it and clipped it to my bracelet, i'm charming!

One thing I wasn't ready for, being charged for tap water! WHY? I went out to dinner and ordered a pitcher of water for four of us and when we were done, thinking nothing of it, I asked for a refill. It's tap, so what, it's free right. Wrong. 23 Kroner for a pitcher of water...equivalent to about $4.50. Bummmmmmer.

Although the water charge was a nuisance, it didn't keep me away from indulging in a lovely little Danish brunch with a few people from my floor today. This time I brought a water bottle thought, learned my lesson. We had an all you can eat brunch complete with smoked salmon, brie, pasta salad with sun dried tomatos and chicken, keish, tasty Frøsnappers (a little danish), scrambled eggs, bacon, and little hot dogs of course! No Danish meal is complete without a hot dog option. I was all about the smoked salmon ooooh my, so good. Apparently Sunday brunch is a big thing among the Danes. It was nice to taste some of the Danish cuisine.

So Thursday night I went to my professors house for dinner with my International Marketing class, it was so nice to have a home cooked meal and get to know my professor and other cool classmates. His family was there too, his youngest son's name is Oliver SO CUTE, he was kicking people's ass in FIFA. His wife Lene was precious and made some bombbbb dig pizza on top of more Frickadeller and delish pasta salad. He provided us with some beer and some wine and he said we could have as much as we want but "when the bucket is done, you're done." Bon Apetit!

After dinner, Alli arrived. Her visit with us was so funnnn! So glad she came. She experienced her first franks hot dog...and LOVED IT. We showed her around the city during the day and then at dusk, introduced her to the night life, starting each night with the standard Tasingegade 29 pregame. She fit right in!

It was actually soooooooooo weird on Thursday night, quite a coincidental occurance. There's this program called DIS buddy network and my school matches you up with a young Dane to become friends and spend some time getting an idea of the Danish culture. So i signed up for it and just got matched up with someone the other day but haven't talked to her or hung out with her yet, just got her name. On Thursday night it was just so strange, i was walking to this club and didn't know how to get there so I approached a rando Dane on the street asking for directions and she was going the same way. So we walked with her a bit and started chatting and she said "my name's claudia i just signed up for this DIS buddy program" so freaked out and said wait a minute nooooo way, and she said "omg youre not rachel stone are you?" SHE WAS MY BUDDY. i just randomly approached her in the street and she was the girl i just got matched up with the other day. talk about small world, how crazy.

I have to go work on an article for my International Reporting class and I need to start planning my trips throughout the semester and my spring break! Any suggestions, followers? Let me know!!

PS..tomorrow is TACO NIGHT with the crew here, complete with Sangria and Margaritas. I'm in charge of tortillas and black beans. arrrrrrrriba!


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  1. I love you, i love you, i love you!

    so glad to see you're having a blast and bought a charm! i want to try this food you keep speaking of. those dawgs look tasty.

    so funny that you ran into your buddy. very small world. very funny.

    so sick that alli got to visit and you guys had a good time! can't wait to skype and see ya face!